Hi, my name is Simon Rier. I have been running guesthouses and B&Bs for many years and figured that I would try and offer some tips and advice to those looking to do the same. This is in the hope that you can learn from my many mistakes as well as some of my successes.

I would hope that this information could be useful whether you are looking to start in the hospitality industry or whether you are already on the road. I would also hope that whatever the size of your current, or planned, establishment, there are some tips here that be at least partway useful to you on your journey.

Whilst owning and running a guesthouse, B&B or hotel is not an easy lifestyle, it can be one that is incredibly rewarding. If you are looking into starting out then be prepared to work long hours and deal with your fair share of nightmare guests. The rewards will come from every smiling guest who has had an amazing stay, and every great review that is left either in person or online.

All the best