Making the Right Connections

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It’s who you know.

A large part of the hospitality industry is about making the right connections. You will be a lot more successful if you can find the right people to help you along the way.

Let me explain what I mean.

At the point of startup you will be likely to need some work doing. Depending on the state of the property you take on you may need building or repair work undertaken. At the very least, you will probably want to redecorate at least some areas.

Whilst you might be capable of doing some of this work yourself, remember that the key to success is ensuring that quality and standards are high, as guests are paying to stay. Only take on work that you are able to do to a high standard. All other work should be outsourced to a professional.

Finding a Contractor

This is where you need a list of contractors or service providers that you can trust. If you are from the local area and have had work done previously you may already know some tradesmen that can help, or at the very least you can probably find recommendations. Otherwise, get multiple quotes and consider only hiring a contractor for one main task or job until you have seen the quality of their work. Get references if you are taking someone on to do a large and costly job.

The important thing once you have found a good service provider is to ensure that you treat them well and pay on time. This will make them a lot more willing to go the extra mile for you.

Who Will You Need?

Builders, carpenters, plumbers are all tradesmen that you will need over the years, but there are other providers who you should consider. Carpets throughout hotels and B&Bs tend to get dirty pretty quickly and getting them cleaned regularly is an important job that can often be overlooked. I have always preferred to get professionals to do this job. For a guest house I managed in Nottingham I used a company called Carpet Expert. I built up a good relationship with them and was on a maintenance contract which cost me less than calling them out as and when required.

Maintenance contracts also mean less hassle for you as a business, as you know that important jobs will get done without you having to remember to hire contractors. Consider getting on a contract not just for carpet cleaning, but for your boiler/heating maintenance, window cleaning, and anything else that will need doing on a regular basis.

The trick is that once you find a good individual or company to work with, in any aspect of your business, keep hold of them!

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